Men's Sandals





Oboz Ocoee Men's Sandals
$ 55.00
From river’s edge, the surrounding peaks of the Appalachian Range wrap you like a woodsy green blanket. Whether you’re scouting that next drop or kicking back in the perfect riverside camp spot, you shouldn’t have to shun flips for lace ups. We gave the Ocoee the same arch cradling shape support as the O FIT Insole™ that’s in our hiking boots, and the wrapped toe design keeps your feet from going sideways, even when you do.
Oboz Selway Men's Sandals
$ 55.00
We all have our reasons for flip-flops: poaching resort pool showers, airing out the funk back at the trailhead, or flipping the proverbial bird to your GF’s stuffy old-money friends and letting the piggies fly free. But just in case you have to sprint away from that rent-a-cop, we put carbon rubber pods on the outsole, springy EVA in the midsole, and give it the same supportive shape as our O FIT Insole™.