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DALBELLO Panterra 100 Ski Boots - 2016

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A new, slightly softer flex in a do-it-all boot with a walk mode, the Dalbello Panterra 100 Ski Boots feature a grippy rubber sole for booting (or just walking to...
$ 179.00
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A new, slightly softer flex in a do-it-all boot with a walk mode, the Dalbello Panterra 100 Ski Boots feature a grippy rubber sole for booting (or just walking to the ticket window), an adjustable width forefoot, and Dalbello's excellent Dynalink rearfoot retention system that pulls your foot securely into the heel pocket. Meant as a "crossover" boot for those who access their favorite lines by hiking and skinning, the Panterra 100 works equally well as an all-mountain boot for those who like the security and comfort of a lugged sole and walk hinge. 
  • Width - 103mm
  • Actual Flex - 100
  • Flex Adjustment - Yes
  • Buckle Count - 4
  • Number of Micro Buckles - 4
  • Buckle Material - Aluminum
  • Cuff Alignment - Single
  • Ski/Walk - Yes
  • Prewired For Heat - Yes
  • Special Features - Contour 4 Shell
  • Contour 4 Shell-Fit - Exclusive Dalbello construction technology that maps the anatomical contours of the foot to create subtle "comfort zones" at 4 critical foot points: ankle, heel, 5th metatarsal & navicular. Relief contours molded into the inside lower shell at these 4 points provide a close and accurate fit and minimize the need for shell modifications.
  • Last: 102-100 mm VVF Last Adjustment System - Dalbello's unique last adjustment system has a collapsing notch just under the tongue of the boot that allows you to adjust the forefoot width from 102 mm to 100 mm - simply tighten or loosen the lowest buckle and leave it - getting in and out of the boot with the buckle closed is no problem.
  • SplitFit tongue for convenient entry and exi
  • Trufit Sport 2.0 Liner - Features include comfort density Ultiva foam, insulated forefoot zone, Asymmetric Adaptive Comfort toe box, and a Trufit Performance Insole.
  • 3-Piece Cabrio Design Architecture - Cabrio Design ski boots are uniquely engineered to incorporate 3 components: the lower shell, upper cuff and, and external shell tongue. This permits the use of stiffer plastics in the lower shell without affecting the smooth and progressive forward flex that's controlled with the shell tongue. This design strengthens the support around the foot for precise lateral transfer of power. Overall the advantage is smoother power transmission, progressive flex and dynamic rebound. Plus the boot is super convenient to put on and take off.
  • Shell / Cuff / Tongue - PE (Polyethylene) / PU (Polyurethane) / PA (Polyamide)
  • Center Balanced Stance - Foot angle, cant angle, and cuff inclination engineered into the shell and cuff position skiers in a balanced and centered stance for optimal performance and response with new ski shapes, cambers, and rocker designs.
  • Adjustable Heel Inclinator - Select Dalbello Kyra and Aspire models feature an adjustable heel height mechanism. Raising or lowering the heel inside the boot can improve rearfoot and ankle comfort for some skiers. Changing foot angle also changes fore/aft balance which can improve ski response and turn initiation for some skiers.
  • Shaft Alignment (Canting) - The lateral orientation of the cuff in relation to the lower shell can be angled to match the angle of the skier’s lower leg when standing.
  • Ski-Hike Mechanism - Lightweight and compact, advanced function Hike/Ski control combines extended range of hiking/walking motion with solid, sensitive and powerful ski-control. Feature enhanced with 2 Position Flex Control.
  • Replaceable Xtra Grip™ Toe / Heel - High traction composite polyurethane toes and heels. Lightweight and durable textured design for improved traction on all surfaces + anti slip functionality.