MAMMUT Ride P.A.S. 22L Backpack

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  The Mammut® Protection Airbag System is the newly developed version of the well-known Snowpulse® Lifebag System. The special shape of the airbag and its clever integration in different backpacks...
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The Mammut® Protection Airbag System is the newly developed version of the well-known Snowpulse® Lifebag System. The special shape of the airbag and its clever integration in different backpacks are unique features. The shape of the airbag protects the wearer’s head, neck and chest area from mechanical injuries and in the event of an avalanche ensures an optimal position by keeping the wearer’s head and upper body on the surface.

The Protection Airbag can therefore not only help to prevent complete burial, it also offers additional protection from mechanical injuries.
In addition to the safety features, we have succeeded in designing a completely „removable“ airbag system.

This allows the user to swap one system between several backpacks, allowing him or her to always select the most suitable backpack for the relevant application.

Backpack Information:

Option is backpack only (no airbag fitted) or the Ride Protection 22 with the airbag pre installed and fitted.

All new Mammut Protection backpacks will take the Protection airbag, so you can swap between different models, such as the Ride Protection 22L, the Light Protection 30L, or the Pro Protection 35L model

Please note the Protection series airbags will not fit in the Removable range i.e. the RAS backpacks. 

Flying with your Avalanche Airbag.

Please see our section on this here and what to do, it is much easier than it used to be. Internet talk about it being difficult is out of date or talking about the position in the USA and Canada which is a different position to Europe and the rest of the world.


The other significant improvement this season is that the back length is adjustable from a medium (small) to large and Xlarge, this means a number of things, the fit is better if you were between sizes and you can also transfer your airbag between people much easier now, oh and yes it means we don't have to worry about which size sells the most, one size fits all!



  • Protection Airbag System: Enhanced
  • Snowpulse avalanche airbag system offering full protection:
  • Head on top, trauma protection
  • and completely removable
  • (SET airbag system already integrated; READY without airbag system, system can be purchased separately)
  • Safety leg loop
  • 3-step back length adjustment
  • V-frame 6 mm aluminium, adjustable
  • Thermoformed back for high carrying comfort
  • Front pocket for avalanche safety equipment
  • Diagonal, stowable ski attachment
  • Stowable snowboard carrier
  • Helmet carrier with snow protection, stowable
  • Stowable axe-pole carrier
  • Side compression straps
  • Hip belt pocket
  • Padded goggle pouch
  • Range of inner compartments
  • SOS label with emergency instructions
  • Hydration system compatible
  • Weight without airbag 1700g
  • Weight with airbag 2550g

Head on Top Technology


The "Head on top Technology” ensures that in most cases the wearer comes to rest in a seated position with their back facing

down the slope and their head on the surface of the snow. This is the ideal position since the respiratory tracts are not covered by
snow, thus re
ducing the risk of suffocation. The background to the Head on Top Technology is the special shape and positioning of
the airbag. The main buoyancy volume of the airbag is located around and above the wearer’s head.

Trauma Protection - Around 20 % (varies depending on country and season) of deaths in avalanches are caused by trauma.
These are mechanical injuries incurred as the victim is swept along in the avalanche. Trauma occurs with even greater frequency

in areas below the tree line. These injuries are often in the head, neck and chest area. It is precisely these very sensitive areas of the
body which are protected by the special shape of the airbag.